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Reinventing Schools: The Technology is Now


The National Academy of Science offers ideas about the potential of new technologies to transform learning in schools. Topics include:*The Nintendo Generation: Information technologies permeate the lives of school children. *The Technological Juggernaut: Homes are where the hardware is.Networking K-12 Education: When schools get wired, the educational possibilities are endless. *A New Model for Education: An information driven world calls for a new way of teaching students. *Systemic Reform: leadership +standards + technology = reform *Investing in Teachers: Tomorrow's teachers are needed today. *Ensuring Equity: Information technologies can most help those who most need help. *Opportunity to Change: New business opportunities could unleash a powerful entrepreneurial force in education. *Learning about Learning: Cognitive research has turned traditional teaching methods on their heads.

  • Cataloged: 2002-12-24
  • Contributor: mailto:[email protected]
  • Country: USA
  • Created: 1995
  • Author/Creator: National Academy of Sciences.
  • Publisher: National Academy of Sciences.
  • Rights: National Academy of Sciences.
  • Source: National Academy of Sciences.
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